The Dangers of Radon

Home Air Quality

Radon is colorless, odorless, tasteless radioactive gas that is present in varying amounts in the ground and in our water supply. Radon occurs when uranium breaks down. Although you can’t see it and it has no odor, but if it’s present in the water, rocks, and soil beneath your home, it can rise into your living spaces and become an active hazard.

Radon is an invisible presence in homes. Many have levels that are elevated enough to cause health concerns. It’s the second highest cause of lung cancer and the primary cause of lung cancer in those who don’t smoke. Radon is a serious but unseen hazard and it’s undetectable without proper testing.

Compass Property Inspections offers convenient Radon testing to determine if this deadly gas is present in your home. If you’re working to put your home on the market, your results can help you plan the next step in your preparation process. If you find out that the home you plan to buy has a radon problem, you can decide how best to proceed.

Accurate Radon Testing

Our inspector samples the air in your home. Because Radon levels fluctuate due to weather, home exhaust systems, and seasonal changes, we use a continuous testing monitor that collects samples by the hour over a 2-3-day period. The continuous monitor and extended sampling time produces a more accurate test result than single day Radon testing.

Our Radon testing process can give you peace of mind because you’ll know where you stand. If the Radon levels are low, you can feel good about the positive outcome. If they’re high, you can contact the Connecticut Department of Public Health for information about certified Radon Mitigation Professionals who can implement a remediation solution.

A Radon Education

Compass Property Inspections provides Radon testing as an elective service to homeowners and potential home buyers. We can initiate the process during your scheduled sellers or buyers home inspection.

When you have a home tested for Radon in Connecticut, it can be a valuable learning experience. If your test is negative, you will have increased your Radon awareness. If it’s positive, you can take steps to resolve the problem before you buy or sell a home.